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Your Trusted Mortgage Specialist in Honolulu, HI


Ashlee Sook Cho James President
NMLS# 368025

Ashlee Sook Cho James, NMLS# 368025 President, Hawaii Best Loans, LLC NMLS# 397936

Ashlee Sook Cho James is President of Hawaii Best Loans, LLC one of Hawaii’s leading loan mortgage origination companies. Over the past twenty years she has developed strong, specialized expertise in the handling of FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgage, Hawaiian Homeland Loans and USDA Loans. Throughout that period she has also developed outstanding relationships with lenders, both in Hawaii and on the mainland.

Her extensive background as a former president of a residential mortgage loan processing company, loan originator, Vice President of Operations for a Hawaii-based Mortgage Company and President of Hawaii Best Loans serves to make her extremely qualified to handle challenges in virtually any segment of the mortgage loan industry. She has been the founder and president of Hawaii Best Loans, a Hawaii based residential mortgage brokerage, since January, 2011.

Ashlee believes that the answer for those who are shopping rates lies in exceptional service and strong personal client relationships. She says that, "Once value is established through service, knowledge and expertise then price is no longer an objection.“ Ashlee further states, “A great deal of time and effort can be saved by having a loan go directly to one person who can serve as both the loan officer and loan processor and deal directly with the lender. All of her loan officers have the ability to accomplish that goal."

Ashlee James’ tireless work ethic, in-depth knowledge of loan processing, originating, DFI compliance and her comprehensive understanding of lenders’ underwriting requirements help her to achieve the outstanding results that her borrowers are looking for.

Ashlee Sook Cho James is consistently praised for her knowledge, expertise and professionalism in the mortgage industry and has one of the lowest loan “dropout rates” in Hawaii. She is known for "making the impossible loans possible."

Ashlee Sook Cho James – 368025
Hawaii Best Loans LLC – 397936
Tel : (808) 591-1137
Cell : (808) 349-1619
Email: [email protected]

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